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A Complete Framework For Solopreneurs

Why My Online COO?

Product Planning

Create Product Plans that take your product from idea through launch in a very easy to understand, straightforward way.

Startup Canvas

Take your ideas out of your mind and make it easier to convey everything about your startup on a virtual Startup Canvas, save the best & delete the rest.

Business Model Design

Design Business Models for your idea and get ready to build your business! Leverage strategies and plans to establish your path to revenue.

Execution Tools

Your Virtual COO comes coupled with tools to help you execute – because an idea is nothing without execution.

Investor CRM

Based on your planning, your startup may require outside capital and investors. Manage your investor relationships and maximize your odds of closing investments.

Business Change Tools

Launching is just the beginning. Access multiple business change tools that help you drive growth in your organization.

Product Cycle

Create Product launch cycles for linear progression towards the public launch of your product.

Startup Canvas

Hearticulate everything about your startup on this virtual canvas, save the best & delete the rest.

Business Model

Create Business Models for your startups, create strategies and plans to create an optimal workflow and hierarchy.

Inbuilt Task Manager

This Virtual COO also comes coupled with an inbuilt task management tool that helps you stay intact to your deadlines.

Investor Directory

To scale your startup and accelerate its growth, keep a summation of investors data alongside with other important contacts.

Business Analysis

Perform Multiple Analysis on Your Business to get the clarity and perspicacity to actualize the true potential of your startup.

A Framework For Change

Do you struggle with making your ideas a reality? Is it difficult for you to express your ideas to your team? Having trouble accessing Investors?

Your Virtual Online COO is a set of tools and resources to help you drive change – in yourself, your ideas, and your success.

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Simplify & Plan to
Skyrocket Your

Your Virtual Online COO is a catalyst to your ideas and innovation with a comprehensible dashboard where you have access to multiple guided analysis tools. These tools help you gain clarity in your execution and the future of your product.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a way to look at the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your
idea or product, so you can make a plan to make
it better.

PEST Analysis

PEST analysis is a tool used to understand how
external factors like politics, economics, social
issues, and technology can impact your current or
future business.

PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis is an enhanced method to PEST
that also includes legal and environmental impact
on your idea, product, or business

Your Companion For Your
Journey as a Founder.

Your Virtual Online COO will be a great addition to your team, and your mental health. Sign up for free and get your own Virtual Online COO which will help you drive results without needing to sleep or asking for higher pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Online COO is a set of tools made easy to understand and leverage for your success combined with expert guidance and advice from leaders who have been where you are and know how to succeed. 

My Online COO provides all the tools you need to plan and strategize your idea for the best opportunity to success. Beyond the Starter plan, you have access to experienced business advisors that have been there and done that. For the cost of your average business book, My Online COO is the most cost-effective resource for Solopreneurs and first-time startup founders.
For a startup, product and innovation are the backbone to success. Execution is everything. My Online COO gives every startup the essential guides and tools that take a startup from idea to growth. 

We’ve taken 2 decades of operations experience and distilled that experience into the essential tools needed by any Solopreneur to fill their knowledge gaps and execute better. My Online COO is your partner on your journey to success.

My Online COO comes with a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard and comes with the most unique type of support ever – full startup planning and strategy experts ready to guide you in your journey with resources, advice, and more.

Your Virtual Online COO includes all the tools you need to strategically take an idea from sketch to launch and beyond. For a full list of features, click here.

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